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If you’re looking for an affordable welding helmet that incorporates 4C technology and outstanding graphics on the outer shell, then finding something that is budget-friendly can be rather difficult. Intricate details often mean very high prices. The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet is one of the exceptions to that rule. With a retail for less than $300 in some locations (MSRP $332.59), you’ll receive the look and the features that you need to create a professional outcome.

This welding helmet is solar powered, but also comes with a battery assist. The lithium battery is replaceable on this model, allowing you to work with your welding pool with a view that is clear and crisp. The ADF 1/1/1/1 lens is backed by a 3-year warranty, though cracking of the external glass does void that warranty.

Our Observations of the Lincoln Electric 3350 Mojo

There is a real difference in the shading of this welding helmet compared to other ADF helmets. When you’re cutting with the 3350 Mojo, you’ll receive an even shade from any angle. There aren’t the constant readjustments that happen with other helmets as the sensors attempt to adjust to starts, stops, and different angles during the project process.

There is still a bit of a green tint with this helmet, even when the automatic shading isn’t present, but there is a reduction of the lime-green tinting that has been problematic in the past. Eye strain wasn’t an issue with this helmet at all and there was room for a pair of safety or prescription glasses under the helmet.

It is a pivot-style of headgear, so there is a certain level of comfort that comes with the design. We found that the helmet does tend to bite just a little when working. That can be a little uncomfortable at times, but you also don’t get as much sliding and movement with it after your bandana gets soaked from sweat.

The graphics are fantastic with this helmet. The outer shell is fairly durable as well, so you won’t feel like you need to treat your new Lincoln Electric helmet like it was made from egg shells to preserve your investment. This is one of the few helmets that will go where you go and take on whatever environment happens to be there.

It also features an industrial-grade lens switching speed of 1/25,000of a second. There is a 3.5 shade for grinding and your delay control for dark to light is fully adjustable from 0.1 – 1.0 second, supported by 4 arc sensors in total.

Our Grade: A

It’s a lot easier to produce consistent welds over a longer period of time with the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet. Due to the solar power and lithium combination, you receive a better overall performance with the ADF technology compared to other helmets that are at this price point. Add in the large viewing area and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to upgrade your helmet to this one.

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