Best Welding Clamp Reviews: The Top Grips To Use In Your Shop

Who would have thought that choosing welding clamps has its fair share of challenges? You would think it is simple to choose one that works for your needs but with the various choices out there, this becomes an even more difficult task. If you feel lost and unsure which one to get, this article is for you. We will help you sift through the different types of welding clamps out there. Check out what we found for you.

Best Welding Clamps Reviews

Narrow down your choices to these clamps:

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1. Capri Tools 3-Piece Locking Welding Clamp Set

Capri Tools 3-Piece

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Can’t decide what welding clamp to get? Get yourself an entire set then. This welding clamp set from Capri Tools comes with an 11-inch C-Clamp, a 10-inch Sheet Metal Clamp and a 10-inch Welding Clamp. These are heavy-duty clamps with hardened jaws to provide just the right amount of clamp force. You can also adjust the pressure to accommodate the needs of the materials you are working on.

These are all-around tools for all sorts of jobs. You can use it for fabrications, cutting, tightening and many other applications. Use it to hold down wood, metal and other materials for various projects. You can be assured that all these welding clamps are durable enough to last for a long time.


The price of this welding clamp set is just right for people looking for an affordable welding clamp.

If you are not sure what to get, this should solve that problem. You get three types of clamps that can be used for a variety of purposes.

These clamps have good quality. They clamp down with a good alignment and do not walk like many other clamps out there. Some even said this is better than the name brands with similar welding clamps.

Those who bought his have used it for years and did not have issues with it.

The material is quite thick. Even when using extra pressure, this won’t get damaged.


This might not be for heavy-duty purposes.

2. Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch Welders Angle Clamp

Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch

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If you are looking for a heavy-duty clamp that will serve a variety of purposes, this is what you should look for. It has a two-way swivel mounted spindle that allows you to make adjustments to the clamp to suit various purposes. It allows you to hold metals and other materials at a precise 90-degree angle. This is more ideal for stiffer and thicker materials such as angle iron or plates but should also work well for pipes and tubings. The maximum passage is 3.5 inches.

What is great about this is that it has a one-handed feature. You can easily set it up if you are using only one hand. It also has a self-centering feature, so you don’t need to spend so much time adjusting it. It has a substantial weight of 8 pounds. It is heavy enough to accommodate heavier loads but not too heavy that it is difficult to work with.


This has a good build. It won’t break easily even when clamping it down a heavier material. It also withstands damage from spatters.

This tool allows you to get the most precise angles, especially when making square joints.  It also has flat joints.

It sets up much faster than many other clamps out there. There is also no need to set up a tack as it does a good job in hiding the pieces rigidly.

It has an aluminum base that makes this a great choice if you are looking for one with a good quality.

It gives you a lot of room to work. Even the inside corner where it is usually tight for other people still gives a good enough room for users to weld.

You can clamp two different sizes of materials, thanks to its swiveling head.


It is more expensive but for its quality, it is a great investment you would want to make.

3. Betool Cast Iron Welders Angle Clamp


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If you are looking for an angle clamp that won’t break the bank, this is a good choice. This product is made from cast iron, so you can expect this to be built like a tank. It is impervious to corrosion and all sorts of damages. It allows you to work around the clamped area seamlessly. You have access even when making T joints.

Just like the previous one, this also has a two-way swivel mounted spindle. What this does is automatically make adjustments to the clamping block in order to accommodate different sizes and thickness of materials. You can rely on this to make precise 90-degree angles. With its 2.5 inches of maximum passage for joints, you can use a variety of materials with ease.


This is an inexpensive alternative to the previous angle clamp. If you are on a budget, get this one because it has similar features.

It is made from cast iron material, which is one of the most reliable materials out there. With its durability, you can expect it to last for a long time. It has a better quality compared to the steel ones or even the silver ones.

It has excellent accuracy even when using it for other materials like wood.


Because it is made from cast iron, it is a bit on the heavy side. It also doesn’t come with a quick release function.

4. MaxPower Heavy Duty Locking C-Clamp Set


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This is a set that comes with 3 different sizes of c-clamps. The 6-inch, 11-inch and 6-inch with regular tips c-clamps all come with a swivel pad. These clamps are made from high quality nickel-plated carbon steel that you can rely on if you want to withstand corrosion and many other issues with the environment. It is something that offers superior durability.

The swivel pads are a nifty feature that works in preventing damage when working with softer materials like wood. The locking mechanism of these clamps is completely adjustable. They also come with a trigger release function.


This is a good starter kit for novice woodworkers. It comes with 3 different sizes of c-clamps, so you can choose the one that works better for the thickness of the material you are working on.

The swivel pads are a nice touch. If you also work with wood, this will come handy as it prevents inflicting damage to the material.

This features an adjustable locking mechanism. It is also easy to adjust. Simply use the trigger release function for it to work.

Say goodbye to unsightly rusting. This product has nickel-plated carbon steel that means it should be able to withstand humid environments that can cause rusting.

The handle is situated on the opposite side of the clamp, which makes this more ideal for working in tight spaces.

This set comes with a lifetime warranty.


Some said it tends to walk when clamped down on wood.

5. Irwin Vise-Grip Original Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pads


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Are you looking for welding clamps that can accommodate different shapes and sizes of materials? Get this one then. It has a wide opening jaw that effectively works with thicker materials. Adjust the turn screws to get the best fit possible, so it stays on the material you are working with. With its heat-treated alloy steel construction, you can bet this product will last you for a long time.


This is a very flexible product. It is easy to work with because it has a wide jaw opening that works with thicker materials.

Construction is pretty solid. The steel build is not susceptible to damages.

The locking force is excellent as well. It keeps the clamp and material in place, so you don’t have to worry about walking issues.

It comes with swivel pads as well. You can work with more delicate materials without worrying that the clamp will damage the material.

It has a good price as well, great for those on a budget.


This might not be as heavy-duty. Be careful not to apply too much torque or the handles might break.

Which is the Best Welding Clamp to Get?

Value for Your Money Set: Capri Tools 3-Piece Locking Welding Clamp Set. This is a value for your money because everything you might need to get started in clamping is included in this. It might not be the most heavy-duty but should serve its purpose well, especially for hobbyists. Although it is cheaper, it still has a good construction and build that will make this last longer.

Most Precise Angle: Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch Welders Angle Clamp. The difference between a cheap clamp and one with the best quality is the preciseness of which they make angles. That can be said with this one. It makes perfect 90 degree angles, so you can create those joints with ease. It is more expensive, but it makes quick work of making an angled weld. There is no guessing game with this.

Built to Last: Betool Cast Iron Welders Angle Clamp. This product will surely serve you well for many more years. Because it is made from cast iron, it is not susceptible to damages and deteriorating. It also makes accurate angles. It is heavy but that is a compromise you should be willing to take if you want an angle clamp that is affordable but gets the job done.  

Great for Beginners and Hobbyists: MaxPower Heavy Duty Locking C-Clamp Set. Beginners and hobbyists will find this product the best choice. It comes in different sizes and has a durability that will make this last for a long time. It can withstand corrosion. It is also easy to use and provides enough space to work with.

Types of Welding Clamps And Which One You Should Get

Dimide Clamp. This is a type of clamp suitable for any type of metalworking or welding projects. Its design makes this a great choice for all those high torque needs. It has good anti-slippage properties and has completely adjustable functions that will allow you to use it with a variety of tools.

F-Clamps. Also known as Bar Clamps, these clamps have a wide opening that allows you to clamp it down to thicker metal sheets. It is a great addition to your arsenal as it isn’t just ideal for metalworking and welding, it is also very useful for woodworking projects.

C-Clamp. This is similar in performance with the F-clamp but has a smaller opening. It comes in a variety of styles such as double anvil, quick release, copper coated and deep reach. The copper coated C-clamp is most ideal when it comes to the prevention of build-up of spatter from welding jobs.

Locking Clamps. This is another popular clamp great for welding. This is preferred by many because of the speed of which you can clamp down metals. It can also be attached one-handed, ideal for welding jobs.

Sheet Metal Clamp. This type of clamp is more ideal when working with sheet metals because it clamps down on a larger surface area. It can also be used one handed and makes way for faster clamping of materials.

Kant-Twist Clamp. This isn’t just ideal for welding, it is also ideal for those working with machines. The parallel jaws clamp down on more load. It keeps the jaws in place, which is great if you need something that doesn’t walk.


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