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The goal of a multi-process welder is to make it easy to weld, but that isn’t always the case with some makes and models. The controls might be difficult to use or you might be forced to purchase “optional” accessories to take advantage of the multiple welding disciplines the equipment can handle. With the Lincoln Electric multi-process welder, you’re going to get everything you need in one simple package.

For starters, this welder is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs just 40 pounds, so it is portable enough that you can take it virtually everywhere.

It also features dual voltage inputs, both 120V and 230V, so you can plug it into any common power supply and get to work.

The real strength of this welder, however is in its controls and display. Lincoln Electric has given their MP welder an intuitive digital control design that allows you to push and turn to get to the right settings. For the average operator, this means there will be some extra time-savings when it comes to the project setup process.

What to Expect with the Lincoln Electric MP Welder

You’ll notice the large color display on this welder right away. It will guide you through the setup process, so anyone with any welding skill can get to work almost immediately. Even beginners will find that the display and control combination makes it easy to learn what setups are required for each project. A few minutes is all it takes to begin understanding exactly what this welder is able to do.

If you’ve been welding for some time, there are advanced options and settings that you can access as well. This allows you to completely tailor your experience in a fraction of the time it would take you to accomplish the same thing with other MP welders.

You also receive an aluminum spool gun with this welder so that you can weld aluminum. It is a DC-only unit when it comes to TIG welding, so that is your only option. You can put a 50-poind roll into this unit, however, so you can finish most projects without much issue. It doesn’t offer a cleaning action, which means you will need to very carefully prep any aluminum before welding it.

It offers the ability to run .045 wires, .035 wire, and there are additional rollers available for the smaller stuff that you may need to do. Everything is professionally laid out, easy to understand, and simple to use. Although there are some limits to what it can do, it conquers most small-to-medium jobs with relative ease.

Our Bottom Line: The Lincoln Electric Multi-Process Welder is an excellent mid-range option that will allow operators to explore three welding disciplines with relative ease. It isn’t an industrial-strength unit, but it will do a good job for part-time daily production. It also works well for those who are just learning TIG welding or want to shore up their MIG welding skills. As a stick welder, it gets the job done and provides consistent results. After our experience, we have no trouble recommending this welder.

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