Welding Schools in Fort Collins

There are several educational paths that you can take if you want to learn how to weld.

If your high school offers shop classes, it’s a good idea to take them.

Welding classes are also available for adult students who want to learn a new skill.

Below we have compiled information about some of the classes available in Fort Collins.

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Fort Collins High School

Fort Collins High School is offering a manufacturing course that includes several classes for students grades 9-12.

Their catalog includes:

  • Metal and Machining Fabrication- for grades 10-12
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication elective- for grades 11-12.

The welding and metal fabrication program prepares students for employment in the welding industry in entry-level positions.

There are no prerequisites for these classes.

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AddressAddress: 3400 Lambkin Way, Fort Collins CO 80525

Rocky Mountain High School

Technology education classes that can prepare you for a career in the welding field are also available at Rocky Mountain High School.

The school’s catalog includes Metals classes that offer 5 credits each.

Students who complete two or more courses in a Technology Education area receive a certificate of completion in an Engineering-related technology.

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AddressAddress: 1300 W. Swallow Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526

Fossil Ridge High School

Fossil Ridge High School is offering a Manufacturing Pathway that includes classes for students grades 9-12.

The following courses are available:

  • Principles of Engineering & Technology – for 9th grade
  • Principles of Manufacturing- 10th grade
  • Metal & Machining Fabrication – 11th grade
  • Work-Based Learning: Manufacturing -12th grade
  • FRCC Welding Program -12th grade
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AddressAddress: 5400 Ziegler Road, Fort Collins, CO 80528

Forge with Intention

Forge with Intention is offering blacksmithing, sculpting, and welding classes available from introductory to advanced levels.

Their catalog includes:

  • Welding Classes
  • Forge Welding Blacksmithing Class
  • Damascus Steel 101: Dry Welding the Pattern Welded Billet

The welding workshop is a foundational class designed to train basic welding techniques.

Students are introduced to Oxy-Acetylene, brazing, welding, cutting, and MIG welding techniques.

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AddressAddress: 1521 1st Street, Berthoud, Colorado 80513

Fort Collins Creator Hub

Fort Collins Creator Hub offers 24-7 access to shop spaces and tools that help members build their projects.

Welders have access to equipment such as Lincoln MIG, Bandsaw, Welding Table, and Grinders.

If you want to become a member, the first step is to book a tour to see the space.

There are several membership options ranging from $25 to $128 per month.

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AddressAddress: 1304 Duff Dr #11, Fort Collins, CO 80514

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