Welding Schools in Denver

If you want a career in a trade that won’t go out of fashion in the near future, learning how to correctly join pieces of metal together can help you get there.

Welding plays an essential part in repairing and building bridges, cars, ships, and many manufactured products.

This skill can be learned during high school or through apprenticeships or post-secondary education programs.

To help you choose the program that best meets your needs, on this page we have compiled information about the welding programs that are available in the Denver region.

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Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech is offering a Welding and Metal Fabrication class at its Denver campus.

This program is offered in partnership with Rocky Mountain Prestress, Cutting Edge Steel, and other companies that are looking to hire graduates.

The Denver campus spans almost 200,000 square feet of training spaces and classrooms.

Financial aid options are available for students who qualify.

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AddressAddress: 11194 E. 45th Avenue Denver, CO 80239

Community College of Denver

The Community College of Denver is offering a Fabrication Welding program.

Students can choose between the following certification classes:

  • Basic Welding
  • Intermediate Welding
  • Arc Welder
  • Fabrication Welder Certificate
  • Creative Metalworking

An Associate of Applied Science degree program in Fabrication Welding is also available.

Tuition is $247.35 per credit hour for residents students and $629.25 for non-residents students.

Residents students may also have a $94 discount.

Material and shop fees vary between $104 and $258.

Supplies cost between $350 and $850.

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AddressAddress: Cherry Creek Building 1111 W. Colfax Avenue

General Air

General Air offers professional weld training that can be completed in three days or less.

Participants have access to lots of lab time and small class sizes so that each student receives personalized instruction.

At the end of the class, trainees can choose to get certified.

The program teaches students topics such as:

  • Basic principles of electricity
  • Reading welding symbols
  • Identify weld defects
  • How to perform machine setup and troubleshooting
  • How to weld in 1F, 2F, 3F, and 4F positions
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AddressAddress: 1105 Zuni St. Denver, CO 80204

Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith is a public college located in Denver.

The college’s catalog includes a Welding I and a Welding II program.

The Welding program focuses on key welding processes, including gas metal arc welding, thermal cutting, shielded metal arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and oxy-fuel cutting and welding.

The Welding II program equips students with hands-on skills in advanced welding techniques.

The school offers both full-time and part-time classes to accommodate the students’ schedules.

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AddressAddress: 1860 Lincoln Street, 6th floor Denver, CO

Pickens Technical College

Pickens Technical College offers a Welding program at its Aurora campus.

The program combines classroom instruction with hands-on training.

Students also take the American Welding Society Plate Certification test to determine their competence.

The program covers topics such as:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Oxyfuel and plasma cutting
  • Maintenance welding
  • Structural welding
  • Gas metal arc welding
  • Pipe welding
  • And more
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AddressAddress: 500 Airport Blvd Aurora, CO 80011

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