DIY Welding Table Ideas: 5 Cool Ways To Save Money On Your Workstation

DIY Welding Table Ideas: 5 Cool Ways To Save Money On Your Workstation

Let’s get one thing straight first: you can weld anywhere. If you’ve got a concrete floor somewhere to use, then you can weld. Wood benches are fine if you’re smart about not letting the materials become overheated.

When looking at the practicality of a welding table, it can be nice to use a surface which conducts electricity. If you have at least ¼-inch sheet steel, you can make your own table with minimal effort.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas that might help you find what you need for your DIY welding table.

Of course, a 3/8-inch sheet is going to hold up better for you over time. Thinner steel tops tend to become wavy over time as you weld.

#1. CNC Cookbook

This site provides you with 50 different DIY welding table and cart ideas. There are several links offered to specific projects, with instructions, if you want to start building right away. You’ll find several photographs of completed tables to inspire you as well.

#2. Pinterest

We found an interesting board on Pinterest which offers 132 different ideas for DIY welding tables and cards, though to be fair, not every post in there is an instruction. There are some humor posts, plier reviews, and some metalworking techniques that might improve your own fabricating skills. If nothing else, it’s a fun review.

#3. 3-D Printed Tables

Presented by Markforged, this unique option is a way to cut down on your fabrication work and the overall cost of your machined parts. If you 3-D print the components for your welding table, then assemble them at home, you could save upwards of 75% on the cost of your welding table. Although this option may not be for everyone, it is definitely worth a closer look.

#4. Instructables

For those welders who are interested in putting together a traditional DIY welding table, this solid welding table idea from Instructables will provide you will several necessary qualities. It can stand-up to a lot of work. Your working surface is made from a thick gauge of metal, which reduces the chance of warping from loads or heat. You’ll have protection against an accidental cut. Most importantly, you’ll have a project you can put together in an afternoon thanks to its 10-step simplicity.

If you don’t mind the slab-style top, here’s a 7-step option from Instructables to consider too.

#5. Lincoln Electric

There is a nice set of plans and ideas available directly from Lincoln Electric if you want to build one yourself. You’ll also go through a review of your safety protocols before getting to the steps, which is nice to see. Although this DIY project will take a little longer to build, the quality of the end product is something you’ll love to have in your shop.

Welding tables can be expensive if you purchase them outright. Why not use your ingenuity and put together one of the ideas found here? You’ll save money, have fun, and give yourself a useful tool for your future welding projects.

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