The Lotos LTP5000D: Our Experts Review This Top-Rated Model

You’re probably wondering whether the Lotos LTP5000D is good and is worth buying. It has generated quite a lot of buzz because of its low price tag, so it isn’t surprising that many people are wondering whether they should get it or just go for a more expensive (and hopefully more reliable) plasma cutter.

That’s what we wanted to find as well. We will give you a more in-depth look at the features and the benefits of the Lotos LTP5000D so you can decide once and for all if you should add this to your welding arsenal.

Lotos LTP5000D Comparison Chart 

Lotos LTP5000D StyleInput VoltageOutput Current
50 Amp220/240V
10-50 A
55AMP CNC220/240V
20-55 A
20-35 A
55AMP Digital220/240V
20-55 A
Lotos LTP5000D StyleInput VoltageOutput Current

Lotos LTP5000D Review

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“Hobbyists and home shop owners should get this inexpensive plasma cutter that cuts through anything like knife to butter.”

It’s hard to go wrong with this plasma cutter. It has a lot of features that you can find in more expensive models. With a dual voltage input, you can run it pretty much using a direct 220 V with 50/60 Hz of power or opt for a 110 V with 50/60 Hz with an additional pigtail. Its cutting performance is on par with more expensive plasma cutters, thanks to its MOSFET/IGBT transistors that delivers the power needed to cut through even the thickest of metal.


This is a plasma cutter that is intended for the use of hobbyists and beginners. Because of that, it isn’t complicated or too difficult to learn, which is perfect for anyone who wants to start doing plasma cutting work without the complicated setup.

“It has a capable pilot arc technology that minimizes the production of slag.”

The less slag, the better. Since it allows you to cut through metal without having to actually connect the tip of the cutter to the material, slag is minimized. It also has a good cutting quality, comparable to the more expensive plasma cutters in the market. Although it is a better choice for beginners and hobbyists, it can also be a reliable plasma cutter even for professional users.

We like the size and portability of this plasma cutter. It is easy to bring to job sites when needed. It doesn’t take up such a big space in the workshop. You can also easily fit it in the trunk of your car.

It cuts through a variety of metal materials such as mild steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and alloy steel – ideal for all-around jobs. It also works well even on rusty metal or metal materials with uneven surfaces.


We wish the positive ground system clamp is a bit longer. It is nowhere near the length of the whips. Also, the stand-off could use some improvement. It’s not really a big issue but you might find it annoying to drag it all the time.


Being a relatively inexpensive machine, we did expect it to be lacking in some essential plasma cutter features such as an air-test button. That would have been a nice additional feature whenever you are setting the regulator. However, for its price point, it does a great job in doing what most high-end cutters can do.

We think the Lotos LTP5000D is worth the price if you aren’t doing any major work. It is more ideal for home projects and smaller applications but for bigger ones, you probably need something more capable.

What Makes The Lotos LTP5000D Different From the Others? 

There are a lot of good features found in this plasma cutter you can’t find elsewhere such as the advanced cooling system. It has more stability because it doesn’t get too hot for the job. This makes it easier for beginners to control the cutter with ease.

The dual voltage input is also something you can’t easily find in other plasma cutters, especially in the same price range. It is also powerful enough to cut through thicker materials and still produce a clean output. Even when cutting rusty metals, this can still be relied on. It also has an advance inverter technology that prevents it from distorting the metal you are working on.

Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know About 

Learn more about Lotos LTP5000D and this type of plasma cutter with the following frequently asked questions:

What is a Non Touch Pilot Arc?

A non touch pilot arc torch is a plasma torch that is capable of cutting through different types of metal materials without producing a lot of slag. Traditional cutters tend to produce slag because the cutter gets in direct contact with the metal. But this one uses pilot arc technology to cut through the metal without the tip touching the material.

How Thick Can a Plasma Cutter Cut?

A plasma cutter can cut different sizes of metals. A standard size of plasma cutter is capable of cutting up to 1.5-inch thickness of steel plate. The high-end ones that make use of computers are capable of cutting as thick as 6 inches of materials. Which one you should get will depend on your needs. A smaller plasma cutter might be better for thinner pieces of metals and for creating a more intricate shape.

How Do I Choose a Plasma Cutter?

When choosing a plasma cutter, make sure you consider your needs and skills first. If you are only going to do DIY projects at home or you are only going to work on small applications, a smaller and less expensive plasma cutter will suffice. However, if you are a professional invest in high-powered plasma cutters as they are more capable of cutting through thicker metals. Pick one from a good brand and make sure it is backed by a good warranty. Also take into consideration the size and potability of the plasma cutter, especially if you plan on bringing it with you to job sites.

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