Best Tools to Own for Welders – 14 Indispensable Tools to Invest On

It’s not enough that you have a welder to complete your welding tasks. A serious metal worker and hobbyist should go the extra mile and look for other tools that will make welding projects easier and can improve the work output. We recommend getting the following tools if you are a welder

1. Caulking Gun

Caulking guns have a lot of uses at home, not just for welding. You can use it to seal gaps and cracks at home, which can be useful in improving home efficiency as it prevents heat loss in the winter. They are easy to use and you can find those crafted from heavy duty materials. They differ when it comes to how big a cartridge they can accommodate. Choose one that automatically stops an overflow and one that dispenses products consistently with no beading or clumping-up effect.

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2. Staple Gun

The ally of a staunch DIY-er is the staple gun. It makes quick work of stapling materials. It can be used as an all-around tool at home for repair and maintenance or can be used in making upholstery. If you fancy yourself a furniture maker or you do a lot of projects at home such as making cabinets, the best staple gun is indispensable for you.

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3. Wire Cutter

A wire cutter makes sure you get clean cuts of wire all the time. Many wire cutters today also double as a wire crimper or stripper, thereby making it much easier to do different work at home. Look for those made from heavy-duty materials, have ergonomic capabilities and have the capability to cut different wires like aluminum cables and copper. We like those wire cutters from Irwin and Dowell, but you should be able to find more ideal options for cutting without breaking the bank.

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4. Combination Square

Every welder knows how important accuracy is when measuring their seams and edges. You won’t get the perfect symmetry if you don’t have the right measuring tools. That said, a combination square is a tool you should never go without. Pick those with legible scales that you can easily read even when working outdoors under the glare of the sun. Make sure the body of the combination square is made from durable materials such as zinc to withstand wear and tear.

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5. Metal Lathe

Shaping metal and wood is easier with the help of the best metal lathe. If your projects often involve shaping metal, you definitely will find a metal lathe a good addition. The bench-sized ones out there can even accommodate bigger projects. Look for those with variable speed settings and which packs a lot of power, so you can perform metal shaping in no time and with very little effort.

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6. Wire Crimping Tool

If you already have a wire cutter with a crimping function, you probably don’t need this. However, if you want your crimping tool separate from your wire cutter, get this one. When choosing a wire crimping tool, find out what wire sizes it can accommodate. Go for those with a rubber grip to make it easier to crimp wires without exerting too much hand force. A lightweight crimping tool is also worth looking for, if you don’t want to lug around a heavy tool box. Find the best wire crimpers on this page.

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7. Engine Stand

Do you also do engine repairs? If so, make your task easier with the help of an engine stand. This keeps the engine separated from the table surface, so you can work on it from different angles. Choose those that are capable of holding the size and weight of the engine you are working on. One with rotating functions can make it a lot easier to access the different parts of the engine. Also look for those with swivel castors for easier transport.

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8. Portable Engine-Driven Welder Generator

If you are a professional welder, a welder generator is a good investment. You never know when a power interruption can halt your activity. You don’t want that to happen at a crucial time when you are trying to meet a deadline. An engine-driven welder generator is the solution to this problem. These generators come in different watt ratings and different surge capacities. Choosing the best portable welder generator that can accommodate your needs is a must.

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9. Soldering Iron Kit

Soldering is similar to welding. However, with soldering, you are only working with thinner wires and wires that can conduct electricity. Many of these kits come with a soldering stand already. Find out how high the temperature can get to determine whether it is the soldering kit that suits your needs. Go for those with good ergonomics as well.

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10. Heat Gun

Cut down the amount of work you have to do when stripping paint away from a wall or a piece of furniture or getting rid of adhesive with the help of a heat gun. It effectively heats up paint and adhesive, so they are easier to remove. These tools can come in varying temperature settings. Opt for those that are easier to operate and are easier to handle to prevent hand fatigue.

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11. Impact Wrench

Loosen up those lugs in your wheels with the help of an impact wrench. It makes quick work of the job, so it is a good tool to have whether you are a welder or not. You can also use this if you have high-torque needs.

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12. Cordless Drill

Compared to its corded counterpart, the cordless drill offers more flexibility. You can use it in areas where a corded drill can’t reach. It is also much easier to bring with you on other work sites. Just make sure it comes with a reliable battery pack.

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13. Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is such a versatile tool. It isn’t just great for welding, it can be used for a variety of purposes as well such as carpentry, plumbing and even flooring installation. Depending on the disc you are using, this grinder can be used to remove excess debris off of different materials.

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14. Electric Sheet Metal Shears

Getting these metal shears is worth it because it can allow you to make intricate cuts and details on your metal projects. They are hand-held and easy to use and they come in varying weight, sizes and power.

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If there are metal working tools that you need to add to your collection now, the above-mentioned tools are some of them, including:

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